Government of India has introduced "Served from India Schemeto facilitate exporter of various type of services.The objective of this scheme is to accelerate growth in export of services so as to create 
 a powerful and unique 'Served From India' brand, instantly recognized and respected world over.

        In order to encourage export of services, especially in the tourism sector,SFIS scrips are allowed for import or domestic procurement of motor cars, SUVs, all purpose vehicles for hotel, travel agents, tour operators, companies owning/operating golf resorts for tourist purposes. However, users will be required to submit proof of registration for tourism purposes within 6 months and these vehicles will not be allowed to be imported undeEPCG scheme.


"Status holder" means an exporter recognised as "Export House/Trading House by DGFT/ Development Commissioner or Star Trading House/ Super Star Trading House" by the Director General of Foreign Trade.

 Last year, transferability of the  subject to the condition that the transfer is 

a status holder manufacturer,was allowed. This year the scope of 

this transferability is increased and allowed such transfers within a group company of a status holder provided the group company is a manufacturer.

Status Holder exporting agricultural products are allowed Agri-Infrastructure Incentive Scrip (AIIS) equivalent to 10% of FOB value of agricultural exports. Currently this is subject to ‘actual user’ condition and is non-transferable.

This year, transferability of these scrips from the Status Holder to Supporting Manufacturer of the Status Holder has also been allowed.