Other Eport Promotional Schemes

The other Export Promotional Schemes issued by DGFT are:
1)100% EOU

2) Deemed Export.


The Export Oriented Units (EOUs) scheme, introduced in early 1981, is complementary to the SEZ scheme. It adopts the same production regime but offers a wide option in locations with reference to factors like source of raw materials, ports of export, hinterland facilities, availability of technological skills, existence of an industrial base and the need for a larger area of land for the project. As on 31st December 2005, 1924 units are in operation under the EOU scheme.Read more...

Deemed Export

Deemed export means that the goods are considered to have been exported even if they have not moved out of the country. Under deemed export, the goods can be sold within India to a anybody who holds a licence for import of these very goods. The seller selling the said goods against an import licence is the deemed exporter and the buyer is the deemed importer. In this transaction the import licence gets used up and an entry is made on it. These goods so bought duty free against an import licence can only be used for export purpose and not for domestic sales except as per DTA (Domestic Tariff Area) Sales Rules under Central Excise.

Regarding sales to a foreign national, the seller or the carrier of the goods can make an advance application to the Commissioner of Customs having control over the place of export (like Airport, Seaport, or a land customs station) in respect of the said goods being taken out of country by a foreigner under a purchase invoice,and the Customs will check the goods and issue an export certificate on which export benefits can be obtained.Read more...