Highlights on Electronic Data Interchange Initiatives

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               Electronic Data Interchange Initiatives



e-BRC system allows Transmission of realization of export proceeds details from banks to DGFT in electronically secured format. The system has been made mandatory with effect from 17th August, 2012. Up to 16th April, 2013, 31.2 lakh e-BRC have been uploaded on the website of DGFT by 81 banks. e-BRC data is also of use to different ministries/departments of Central Government and State Governments who have expressed interest in obtaining this data from DGFT. Government of Maharashtra and Delhi have started the process, as first movers, to use e-BRC data for processing VAT refund claims of exporters. e-BRC will improve the productivity of DGFT, Banks, Central and State Government departments dealing with exporter/importers and will lead to substantial reduction of transaction cost and time.



2  Reconciliation of export and bank documents at the time of closure of an Advance or EPCG Authorisation involved manual submission of many documents. Transmission of two key documents (Shipping bill from Customs and e-BRC from Banks) relating to Advance Authorization and EPCG Authorizations in secured electronic format to DGFT has been established. Accordingly, DGFT has introduced the system of online Export Obligation Discharge certificate (EODC). Exporters can file EODC applications online. DGFT will also transmit all EODCs to DG Systems through a secured message exchange. This will obviate the need to have re-verification at the Custom‟s end.


Reconciliation of export / import closure of an authorization was document heavy process. With online EODC, exporter can complete the formalities at DGFT online and may get quick clearances at the Customs on account of e-transmission of EODC from DGFT to Customs.


3       Message Exchange System for exchanging shipping data relating to Focus Product Scheme (FPS), Focus Market Scheme(FMS), Market linked Focus Product Scheme(MLFPS), Status Holder Incentive Scrip(SHIS), Served From India Scheme (SFIS)and Agri Infrastructure Scheme shall be established with DG Systems. This will allow exporters to quickly link (and not fill all details) Shipping bills received from Customs with their applications for quick processing.


4      System for online issuance of Registration Certificate for export of Cotton, Cotton Yarn, Non-Basmati Rice, Wheat and Sugar has been introduced. This will allow quick issuance of Registration Certificates and easy monitoring.


5       An online system to resolve EDI issues has been established. The system generates a key number for each complaint for follow up.

             A new online complaint resolution system relating to EDI issues     

          has been devised where users can file online complaint. A key number

          for each complaint will be generated which can be followed up by the     

          users and 

          DGFT officials for early resolution of issues.