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               Planetexim-About us:
              1) Introduction of Planetexim.
            2) Who are our users? 
            3) Why are we different?
            4) What are our features?
            5) Our vision.
            6) Our values.
            7) About


1) Introduction of Planetexim:
Today's business world,relies on professional information. It doesn't only makes 
them save money-it also helps in making money.
information helps them 
in critical decision making-to indulge into their performance and success.
The gigantic cyber world is readily available with huge amount of data to serve 
for your business hunger, but they are not always  fruitful. As most of the contents 
provided by those websites are unsorted, you find yourself in the midst of an ocean 
while going through such data sets. 
We provide the best search result for your information because we have 
the best team of data analysts. Our software, when installed on your PC,
doesn't only make your search an easy child's play, but also builds up you speed 
along with saving your time,space and cost-the few important factors 
responsible for migrating from conventional search modes to the digital media.
Mahavir Law House was incorporated in 1992. It has been in the business
 of processing & providing databases on Export Import related information
 including Foreign Trade Statistics for over twenty years. We maintains 
different export import related database packages. Mahavir Law House
 publishes monthly database covering Export Import Daily Data,
Exim Policy, all Notifications related to DGFT, CBEC and the same 
information is made available through on-line access. We provide online
 export and import daily data. Daily export import data subscribers can 
get addresses of the Indian importers and exporters for further follow 
up for trade promotion. This service is available as a complimentary with 
data subscription. Export and import daily data list is available online 
with an interactive and exhaustive interface along with party addresses. 
We also specialize in Global Export Import Shipment Data.
PLANETEXIM operating on a versatile yet robust platform utilizes 
the power and potential of the digital media-“where content comes to 
life”. Providing a structured, comprehensive and intelligent database 
 for Exporters, Importers and corporate professionals to do their research
 and access relevant information in a form and manner that is useful to 
Updated on a regular basis by a team of dedicated professionals, working
 round the clock to collate, analyse and validate the content, 
PLANETEXIM provides the fastest and most accurate method of 
keeping abreast with the latest developments.

Who are our users? 
    Our users are as follows:        
    * Exporters and Importers            *  Corporate Establishments            Professionals (Licence agent)
    *  Government Departments         *  Students of foreign trade            Libraries
    *  Embassies                             *   Banking and Financial Institutions Foreign Investors

3)Why are we different?

    We are different because:

1)Comprehensive coverage of vast information 2)Current- updated on a daily basis3)High Data accuracy
4)Ever expanding with more areas being added regularly5)Structured, organized and cross-linked6)Technology & Cutting Edge Tools for Utility requirements
7)State of the art- At par with leading International statistical Sites8)Ever expanding with more areas being added regularly9)Adaptable, Scalable and Robust

4)What are our features?
  • Powerful Search interface
  • Online and Offline data in Our Customized software.
  • Accurate information
  • Up to date data
  • Online access from any part of World
  • Easy retrieve of old data
  • 100% Authentic
  • Downloads into Microsoft Excel
  • Ease of use
5)Our vision:
    Our commitment marks us out from most other publishers. 
    There are four cornerstones to that commitment:
  • Setting the highest standards of intellectual rigour
  • Promoting internationalism
  • Building strong relationships
  • Expanding readership